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JSC Ruselectronics is the largest holding company in the industry that includes 25 enterprises and research institutes.

These companies manufacture products applied in:

  • automotive electronics
  • computers and PCs (microprocessors)
  • integrated circuits
  • quantum electronics
  • switches
  • control and measurement devices
  • medical equipment
  • optoelectronics
  • security systems
  • semiconductor devices
  • night vision equipment
  • microwave devices
  • power electronics
  • security and inscription devices
  • data display and registration
  • communications and telecommunications
  • electrical & vacuum systems
  • consumer electronics
  • power saving electronic devices
    and many other applications

Today the companies in JSC Ruselectronics manufacture 20%-40% of all electronically related products in Russia.

The Russian Federal Agency for Industry appointed JSC Ruselectronicsas the head company for the organization of centralized purchase, certification and delivery of electronic components from abroad for general and special purpose application.

The companies in the Holding carry out foreign trade transactions and supply their products to 42 countries in CIS and other world markets.

Russian Electronics JSC invites Russian and foreign partners to cooperate in promoting the products and services to the world markets as well as to participate in R&D projects in various business areas.

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